Thank You Seniors


The 83 UCMB seniors have spent over 700 hours in rehearsal and performed nearly 100 times in front of hundreds of thousands of people across the country – from East Hartford, CT to Glendale, AZ. They were with the UCMB during 4 key performances in the band’s history: the trips to Notre Dame, Michigan, Arizona and MetLife Stadium. They performed traveled to both the Bowl and the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. They have helped to continue to raise the standard for “The Pride of Connecticut” during their time at UConn and have gained invaluable lessons from working with such a large team. Many of them took on key leadership roles as well. They have been an essential part to the success of one of the premier collegiate marching bands in the Northeast.

On behalf of the current band members and staff, thank you seniors for your endless dedication to the UCMB! Best wishes and good luck to:

Alessandro Amenta English
Shaun Barnett Computer Science in Engineering
Robert Barney Music Composition
Jennifer Barney Psychology/HDFS
Mary Bartolotta Music Education
Jonathan Bates English
Jennifer Beaty HDFS
Kevin Behrens Environmental Science
James Berardinucci Actuarial Science
Emma Bietsch Communications/Psychology
Cara Borelli Communication Design
Meagan  Cairns Music Education
Molly Callahan English and Journalism
Tyler Campbell Music and Management Information Systems
Kayla Cardin Music Education
Christopher Chhoeun Applied Mathematics
Kevin Closter Environmental Science
Leah Cohen Sociology
Joseph Costa General Studies
Kaela Crystal Music Education
Paul Ericson Biology and Psychology (Pre-Med)
Christopher Faust Computer Science
Andrew Fredericksen Political Science
Samatha Gallagher Pathobiology
Robert  Garcia Economics
Russell Gee Engineering Physics
Harrison Goodale Performer’s Certificate
Dramere Graham Biology
Chelsey Gribbin Biology
William Gunther Economics
Claire Hamel Pathobiology
Martin Hebel Music Education/Composition
Ethan Hiscock Psychology
Kevin King Electrical Engineering
Joshua Klein Mechanical Engineering and German
Kevin Lauturner Management
Sean Leitch Applied Math
Michael Littmann Economics
Emily Maynard Natural Resources-Environmental Conservation
Margaret McQueeney Music
Adam Mil-Homens Cytogenetics
Anna Mills Economics/Math
Kalena Milluzzo Anthropology
Timothy  Monos Chemistry
Ava Moore Biology/Pre-Med
Joshua Murphy Music
Christina Nadeau Music Education
Nguyen Nguyen Biology
Paul nShim Music Education
Bridget  O’Connor English Education
Emily Pakstis Psychology
Robert Palermo History
Emily Palumbo Business Management/Music
Corrie Pierce Allied Health
Andrew Pizzuto Music
Rachel Puelle History/Anthropology
Rebecca Puelle English/Nutritional Science
Tyler Reese Biology/Math
Christopher Rizzio Music
Lindsay Roberts Communication Sciences
Alan Rousseau Natural Resources
Kimberly Schreyer Nutritional Science
Alyssa Serville English
Jennifer Shames Music Education
Jonathan Singngam Political Science
Jacob Skrzypiec Secondary Education
Casey Smolka Actuarial Science
Scott Sperl Material Science and Engineering
Vanessa Springer Psychology/Cognitive Science
Elaine Steele Music
Harrison Stuppler Music Education
Margaret Stuthmann Civil Engineering
Connor Sullivan History/ Communications
Robert Teeling Computer Science and Engineering
David Theroux Pathobiology
Nancy Touba Molecular and Cell Biology
Corinne Trudeau Psychology
Rebecca Vanderleest Geoscience
Jeffrey Ventres Music Education
Ryan Walsh Psychology
Thomas Weeks Music Education
Callie White Natural Resources
Joseph Williamson Secondary History Education