The Show Goes On


Dr. David Mills
Marvin McNeill

Graduate Assistants

Josh Belvin
Justin McManus
Amy Bovin


Frank Pappalardo

Drum Majors

Anthony Pandolfe
Jessica VonVillas
Kevin Mastro

Band Captains

Andy Landry
Erin Hickey
Ellen Hilton

Feature Twirlers

Holly Blanchard
Katie McClain

Band Council Officers

Harry Stuppler — President
Ryan Walsh — Vice President
Chrissy Nadeau — Secretary
James Berardinucci — Treasurer
Lauren McCue — Communications
Kalena Miluzzo — History
Emily Maynard — Alumni
Ben Young — Social
Chris Nemer — Merchandise

Freshman Representatives

Kaitlyn Carroll
Sylvia Cunningham
Kyle Donelan
Samuel Path

Sophomore Representatives

Rebecca Duchesneau
Katie McClain
Jerry Medina
Emma Reber

Junior Representatives

Chelsey Gribbin
Tim Monos
Lindsay Roberts
Kayla Cardin

Senior Representatives

Cain Hanke
Colleen Hickey
Ethan Hiscock
Alan Rousseau

Committee Chairs

Erin Hickey, Kevin Mastro — Recruiting
Anna Mills — Website
Jason Reider — Media

Kappa Kappa Psi

Tony Picone — President

Tau Beta Sigma

Samantha Avis — President

Coming off of a successful performance in Glendale, Arizona at the Fiesta Bowl on January 1, 2011, the UCMB jumped into the 2011 fall season with “The Show Goes On”, including hits from Michael Jackson and Cee Lo Green. Other notable performances that year included the MAC Championships in Bridgeport, CT and the USSBA New York Championships in Hempstead, NY.

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