Livin' For the City


Dr. David Mills
Marvin McNeill

Graduate Assistants

Dan McDonald
Jennie Herreid


Frank Pappalardo

Drum Majors

Brendon Foley
Drew Groves
Jim Moriarty

Band Captains

Mallory Legman
Adam Summerer

Feature Twirlers

Alyssa Kane
Alyssa McLaughlin

Band Council Officers

Tim Fortin — President
Alyssa Kane — Vice President
Gillian Greco — Secretary
Alyssa McLaughlin — Treasurer
Andrew Hurley — Communications
Andrea Berberick — History
Kaitlyn Collard — Alumni
Dylan Kintish — Social
Sarah Melnick — Merchandise

Freshman Representatives

Peter Zhou
Ryan Walsh

Sophomore Representatives

Cain Hanke
Bryan Dunn
Samantha Avis
Kevin Mastro

Junior Representatives

Cameron Costen
Ronald Cousins
Amy Hintz
Megan Rickard

Senior Representatives

Missing information

Committee Chairs

Kaitlyn Profeta — Website

Kappa Kappa Psi

Greg Sember — President

Tau Beta Sigma

Ryan Brady — President

The UCMB travels to South Bend and Birmingham

The 2009 season was filled with some exciting trips!  In November, the UCMB traveled to the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, IN for UConn’s away game against the Irish.  Along with being able to perform in the historic Notre Dame Stadium along with one of the country’s greatest bands, the UCMB witnessed an amazing comeback win by the Huskies in double overtime.  During winter break, the band was able to travel down to Birmingham, AL for the Papajohns.com Bowl against the South Carolina Gamecocks.

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