My Favorite Things


Dr. David Mills
Marvin McNeill

Graduate Assistants

Emily Collins
Jill Katz
Matthew Oliveira


Frank Pappalardo

Drum Majors

Amy Bovin
Kira Fitzsimons
Dan Fortin

Band Captains

Nate Picket
Adam Summerer

Feature Twirlers

Alyssa Kane
Alyssa McLaughlin

Band Council Officers

Edward Sarisley — President
Karrie Lundgren — Vice President
Mallory Legman — Secretary
Eric Forfa — Treasurer
Jay DeMello — Communications
Robin Puzzo — History
Alyssa Kane — Alumni
Kurt Dietrich — Social
Dana Andreoli — Merchandise

Freshman Representatives

Cain Hanke
Bryan Dunn
Erica Pehmoeller
Justin Beauchamp

Sophomore Representatives

Missing information

Junior Representatives

Liz Davis
Greg Sember

Senior Representatives

Jesse Duguay
Brian Sherman
Alyssa McLaughlin
Jason Jarett

Committee Chairs

Karl Schwirz, Greg — Website

Kappa Kappa Psi

Chris Pratt — President

Tau Beta Sigma

Robin Myers — President

The 2008 season was an incredibly exciting time for the UCMB! Sporting brand new uniforms, the UCMB performed at two exhibitions in Southington and Bridgeport, CT, and traveled to Syracuse, NY and to yet another bowl game, this time the International Bowl in Toronto, Canada. Performing in a snowy Toronto, the UCMB won the Battle of the Bands with the show closer: “Malaguena”, a favorite among both the crowds in the stands and the members of the band.

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