Rock Your World


Dr. David Mills
Marvin McNeill

Graduate Assistants

James Shuman
Tyler Lawing


Frank Pappalardo

Drum Majors

Brian Coffill
David Price
Steve Slota

Band Captains

Tristan Beckford
Lindsay Glick

Feature Twirlers

Alyssa Kane
Alyssa McLaughlin

Band Council Officers

Cody Ryan — President
Annabelle Schifferdecker — Vice President
Jillian Pike — Secretary
Melissa Meyer — Treasurer
Michael Albert — Communications
Matthew Zadrowski — History
Neal Lima — Alumni
Ashley Lockwood — Social
Trisha Cahill — Merchandise

Freshman Representatives

Missing information

Sophomore Representatives

Missing information

Junior Representatives

Missing information

Senior Representatives

Missing information

Committee Chairs

Carlos Rivera, Mimi Schreiber — Recruiting
Mark Zippadelli — Website

Kappa Kappa Psi

Carlos Rivera — President

Tau Beta Sigma

Christina Adams — President

Performing a show-stopping Rock n’ Roll repertoire, the UCMB took the field with the show “Rock Your World”, playing rock hits like “We Will Rock You”, “Born to be Wild”, and “ Crazy Train”. The band performed an exhibition at the MAC championships in Bridgeport, CT and enjoyed a successful year.

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