Dr. David Mills
Marvin McNeill

Graduate Assistants

Peter Hamlin
Kelly Savoie


Frank Pappalardo

Drum Majors

Dean DellaVecchia
Chris Dresko
Chris Horvat

Band Captains

David Syzdek

Feature Twirlers

Missing information

Band Council Officers

Joe Consiglio — President
Stacey Atwood — Vice President
Sarah Brown — Secretary
Lindsey Farrell — Treasurer
Christopher Buck — Communications
Margaret Ardito — History
Justin Rodriguez — Merchandise

Freshman Representatives

Missing information

Sophomore Representatives

Missing information

Junior Representatives

Missing information

Senior Representatives

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Committee Chairs


Kappa Kappa Psi

Lindsey Farrell — President

Tau Beta Sigma

Chrisopher Buck — President

In 2001, the UCMB once again began to use the traditional opener for the game which included “America, the Beautiful” and “Battle Hymn of the Republic.” After the world changing events that had occurred early on in the fall season, the reintegration was incredibly welcomed and many members felt it incredibly fitting. 

The most memorable experience was right after September 11, 2001 though. That year, we had brought back the opener with America the Beautiful and the Battle Hymn. The first time we were to perform it at Memorial Stadium was the game on September 15th. It was chilling to play that. The huge horn pop after we all turned to the stands was incredible. It gives me chills to still think of it.
Kristen Lynch

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