How to Join the UCMB

Admitted UConn students are invited to become a member of one of the most exciting and rewarding activities on the UConn campus: The University of Connecticut Marching Band! An exciting season awaits you. See our recruiting page for a great idea of what the marching band is all about.

You will form friendships for life! The people you meet in the band will help you in every aspect of your college career and beyond. You will develop a sense of camaraderie with your fellow band members. These friendships will last far beyond your years at UConn.

The UCMB represents ALL students at UConn! You will perform with future educators, doctors, lawyers, engineers, business men and women, professional musicians, etc. Nearly every major on campus is represented in the band. Leaders in every field have cited experiences in a college band as outstanding for their personal development and success. In fact, here’s a list of 30 celebrities who performed in a marching band.

You will have time for band at UConn. Even with band in your schedule, you will have plenty of time for academics and social activities. Band will be a quality enhancement for your academic pursuits.

Preseason starts on Saturday, August 16th for new members. This will allow all new members, freshmen, and transfer students alike, to meet with their section leaders, bond with their incoming class, and learn the basics of being in the UCMB. All returning members of the band will arrive on campus on Monday, August 18th. To become a member, follow these steps:

  1. Fill out our membership form online.
  2. Register for Marching Band (MUSI 1108) when enrolling in classes at Orientation.
    • Helpful tip: Register for marching band first and have your advisor schedule your other classes around band.
  3. Prepare for Preseason. We will send you information about moving in later in the summer.

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