Why should my student be a part of the UCMB?

The UConn Marching Band experience has been wonderful for our daughter. As an incoming freshman, she arrived a week earlier than the majority of the students allowing her to acclimate to the campus more easily. Additionally, a certain bond develops with the other band members. As a section leader she has shown increased confidence and leadership ability.
Robert Wilhelm Father of Melissa Wilhelm '13 (Music Education & Performance)
Playing in the UCMB was the highlight of our son’s freshman year! Our entire family enjoyed watching the band perform on campus and at football games, and the friendships our son made as a member of the UCMB will last a lifetime!
Sue & Glenn Reese Parents of Tyler Reese '13 (Biology)

Frequently Asked Questions

What can the UCMB do for my student?

Joining the UCMB will immediately bring your student into a family of 300, providing a small community within a large university setting.

The UCMB provides the opportunity to gain essential leadership and cooperative life skills. Our large alumni base provides a network for future job connections for many members. The “Pride of Connecticut” has led to many opportunities and memories that will truly last a lifetime.

Will my student miss any class?

On occasion football games fall on a Thursday or Friday night If your student has an evening class, they are responsible for notifying their teachers of the conflict and for making up any missed work.

In the case of a travel opportunity, students will receive a letter from Dr. Mills addressed to their professor, notifying them that the student is on a university-approved trip, that they are to be excused, and that they will make up any missed work in a timely manner.

How will this affect my student’s grades?

Students in the UCMB represent many different majors offered at UConn; engineering, education, music, business, psychology, and computer science majors to name a few, as well students in the honors program. Our students have found that participating in band provides structure to the semester, and they have plenty of time for band, classes, homework, friends, and even other university organizations. Students can and do maintain their grades while playing in the band.