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Meet Dr. Mills

This summer, the UCMB will be hosting virtual sessions over Zoom for both new and returning members! Participants will have the ability to join our first session and meet our...
Ask the Pride-Square

Live Q&A Session

Have any questions about the UCMB? Join us for a Live Q&A Session Friday, April 12th @5:00pm EST! Questions will be answered by a panel of student volunteers, covering a...
Giving Day Banner

Giving Day 2019

Support the heart of UConn through giving to the Marching/Pep Bands! The Marching Band – the Pride of Connecticut – needs high-quality practice facilities, a new loading dock, and storage...

Twirler Day 2018

Attention all twirlers! Join the UConn Marching Band and Feature twirler Lindsay Pitts for a shared halftime performance on Saturday September 29th, 2018 at Pratt and Whitney Stadium at Rentschler...

Support the Alex Schachter and Family Memorial Scholarship Fund

Last February, a future member of the UCMB was taken from us. Since then, the Schachter family of Florida has started a UConn scholarship in memory of their 14-year-old son...
NCAA Women's Final Four - Semifinals

2018 Final Four Trip

Wherever our basketball teams go, so does our pep band.  This year, we followed the women to the Final Four championship in Columbus, Ohio. Here is what some of our...
tim roster

2019 Drum Major/Band Captain Announcement

Elizabeth Ward – Drum Major Brett Simms – Drum Major Kyle Korb – Drum Major Natalie Wong – Band Captain Lydia Pettigrew – Band Captain William Padilla – Band Captain...

The Tower Finally Stands

Meg Ennis
The Tower was installed on June 13th, 2017  The long awaited #UCMBTower is finally here! Thank you to everyone who supported our project these past four years – this historic...
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Show Reveal 2017

Meg Ennis
Introducing the UConn Marching Band’s 2017 field show, UCMB Fusion Symphony! Featuring music by Kendrick Lamar, Beethoven, Kanye West, Edvard Grieg, Imagine Dragons, and more… What’s old is new again! #UCMBFusion...

2016-17 Pep Band Upcoming Performances Schedule

Meg Ennis
Schedule Sun, Dec. 18 MBB UConn vs. North Florida Mon, Dec. 19 WBB UConn vs. Ohio State Wed, Dec. 28 MBB UConn vs. Houston Wed. Jan. 4 WBB UConn vs....