2012 Upper Leadership


The Pride of Connecticut is a dynamic environment, often changing and spontaneous, differing greatly from many other working situations. In order to accomplish the many ambitious goals of the band it is necessary to utilize each member’s talents to the maximum. Roles in the band are not always “cut and dried;” rehearsals require many people at various levels to act both independently and cooperatively at the same time to achieve the best results.

As the largest student organization on the University of Connecticut campus, the Pride of Connecticut offers countless opportunities for its student members to step up to become leaders. Even without putting on a red shirt and becoming a Section Leader, there are hundreds of jobs to be filled and duties to be carried out. Student leadership in the UConn Marching Band is also incredibly rewarding, and accomplishments may open doors in related employment. Student leaders all take pride in working behind the scenes, or on the main stage, to make sure the UCMB runs smoothly.

The UCMB is pleased to announce the Upper Leadership team for the 2012-2013 season! Congratulations and good luck to:

Drum Majors

Band Captains

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