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Move-In: Tuesday, August 24th | Check in: 9:00AM to 12:00PM

Follow the signs! Check-in will be located at the UCMB Practice Field. There, you will receive: a meal card, final Preseason information, your instrument (if needed), and a detailed schedule. Check-in provides an opportunity to ask questions of the Band Council members and Section Leaders prior to move in. You will then proceed to the Charter Oak Community Center to pick up your keys and check into your room. Please check in at the practice field first. Try to arrive before your assigned ResLife check in time to reduce any rushing that may occur.
This year, we have established a virtual store for returning members to purchase lost or damaged uniform components, purchase merchandise, or pay any fees such as:
  • Banquet fee – $25
  • Season Meal Fee (For Members without meal plans) – $30
    • Members with meal plans are encouraged to donate flex passes/meal swipes to help cover costs of meals throughout the season.

2021 Preseason Schedule



If you play the following instruments (and have not already received one from previous seasons), you must sign them out at check-in:
  • Mellophone (Horn)
  • Trombone
  • Baritone
  • Tuba
  • Piccolo
Other instruments are available in very limited quantities. If you need one, you must make arrangements with Emily Collins (ucmb.office@gmail.com) before you arrive for preseason.


Uniforms will be issued during Preseason. Members are responsible for the condition of their uniforms and are accountable for the uniform issued to them. You must have a garment bag to be issued a uniform.


Planned social events occur frequently following rehearsal and all band members should attend these events. “Spirit Days” are events that unite sections and groups within the band with a fun activity.


Thursday, August 2nd @7:00PM
Plan on inviting your family, friends, and High School Band Directors to the Preview Show at the Sherman Family Sports Complex.  It is a great opportunity for everyone to see what the UCMB has accomplished during preseason and what it will have to offer this fall. (In the event of bad weather, the Preview Show will tentatively be held in Jorgensen.)

Preseason FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What do I need to bring to preseason?

Because you will be moving in to your dorm/apartment/living accommodation for the year when you check into preseason, you will need to bring everything you need to move into your dorm. You will be given time during check in day to move in and get lunch before rehearsals begin. Some band members choose to go home and get the rest of the things they need for their room during Labor Day weekend.

Please reference this document for a complete list of required and suggested UCMB preseason gear.

Where do I live during preseason?

All members who will be living at the Storrs campus will be able to check into their university assigned rooms for the fall semester upon arrival at preseason. This is a great advantage as you will avoid the rush typical of freshmen move-in day. The university does not provide housing during preseason for commuting band members. Please contact us if you commute and would like the convenience of staying nearby with another member. Detailed instructions for early check in will be provided to all members as preseason approaches.

What do I eat during preseason?

All Preseason meals are provided for all members beginning with dinner their first day through breakfast on Friday. Most meals will be in a designated dining hall; members are admitted with the Conference Card issued to them at Check-In. One night during the week, members will receive $10 per diem with which they are free to explore food establishments in Storrs Center or around the university. Beginning with lunch on Friday, the regular meal plans activate and can be used with participants’ Husky-One Cards (ID). After that time members without meal plans can no longer use the Conference Card and must make their own plans for meals.

Do I need to bring any money to preseason?

There are few things required for payment during preseason: end of year banquet ticket ($25), preseason food fee for off-campus students ($30), garment bag ($4), earplugs ($10). The only required payment the day of check-in is the $30 if you live off campus. The UCMB is no longer accepting cash payments; please bring a credit or debit card to make online transactions.

What should I do if I have a conflict?

There is a form on HuskyCT that you will need to fill out IMMEDIATELY so we can help you resolve any issues.

When will I receive the show music?

Our show music is written during the summer and will be provided whenever it is finished by our arrangers. Usually you will receive at least a draft of Part 1 toward the end of preseason. Contact your section leaders for access to parts.

Does music need to be memorized before preseason?

Yes! You will be provided with the music that is required to be memorized by your section leaders prior to the start of preseason.

What do preseason rehearsals consist of?

It depends on the day, but generally the day is split into two, 3-hour rehearsal blocks and one, 2-hour block with 1-hour meal blocks in between. After the evening block there is usually a social event for the whole band.

Individual rehearsal blocks vary. Each block will either be a music or a movement rehearsal with sectional time built in.

How much water should I bring and will there be some provided for refills?

We highly encourage bringing gallon/half-gallon jugs or Camelbaks. It does not matter what kind of vessel you use just make sure it is durable. During the entire season, water will be available to all members during all rehearsals and games both on the field and in the stands.

Is there a dress code for preseason?

No! There is not a specific dress code for preseason but we ask that you wear athletic SNEAKERS and comfortable clothing that allows you a full range of motion and covers your body appropriately. (No jeans, no sandals, no boots) We also require that wind players and percussionists wear a hat any time we are rehearsing outside. Also bring lots of sunscreen.

Does preseason conflict with Weekend of Welcome (W.O.W.)?

Yes, however UCMB members are excused from all WOW activities.

Do I need anything to store my drill/music during rehearsal?

Every member of the UCMB will be provided with a Home Depot (or Lowe’s, gasp) apron to use during rehearsal to store music, your phone, or any other materials you need for rehearsal. Higher quality UCMB-branded fanny packs are available for purchase for $5.

Where do we rehearse during preseason?

We will rehearse on campus, primarily on the UCMB Practice Field next to W Lot, in/near the Music Building, or in Jorgensen Auditorium.

Is it possible to learn a new instrument with the UCMB?

Yes! Many of our new and returning members decide to learn a new instrument, and are very successful in doing so. We are especially in need of mellophones, baritones, trombones, and tubas, as well as pit percussion and color guard. During the spring semester, a brass conversion class is offered to all band members. If you think this may be an option for you, please feel free to contact us.

Can I join the band if I've never marched before?

The UCMB prides itself on its composition of students with a diverse range of experience. While many members have participated in marching band prior to joining the UCMB, about ¼ of the band has had little to no marching experience. Our instructional procedures during preseason and throughout the regular season quickly bring new marchers up to speed.

What platform does the UCMB use to learn drill?

We primarily use an app called Ultimate Drill Book which is available on respective app stores for free.

What instruments are loaned out by the UCMB and which need to be provided by students?

All members of the clarinet and saxophone sections, as well as the trumpet section are expected to provide their own instruments for use during the season. Piccolos will be provided. All mellophone, baritone, trombone, tuba, and drumline section members will be provided an instrument upon arrival to preseason. Additionally, members of the color guard will be provided necessary equipment. There are a very limited number of woodwind instruments and trumpets available for loan through the university. In the event that you are unable to provide your own flute, clarinet, saxophone, or trumpet, please contact our Administrative Assistant, Emily Collins at ucmb.office@gmail.com


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