UCMB’s HuskyTHON Team

Jason Reider

HuskyTHON is an 18 hour dance marathon for the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. It is one of UConn’s biggest events during the year, with teams formed by students from a variety of organizations on campus. This year, over 2,000 students will be dancing for 18 hours. Last year, we raised $457,581.04 alone and we hope to surpass that total this year.

As a senior at UConn, this is my fourth year dancing for HuskyTHON. I signed up for the first time as a freshman, and was amazed by how the campus comes together for this special event. This year, I am dancing as a morale captain. The morale captains’ job is to keep up dancers’ spirits throughout the night. Dancing for 18 hours can be tough at times, so the morale captains are there to cheer dancers on and remind them of the amazing cause they are dancing for. The morale captains also know the morale dance, a 10 minute long mashup of popular songs that happens every hour on the hour, and teach it to the other dancers. The best part of HuskyTHON is the miracle children, both past and present patients of CCMC, that come for the night. For them, HuskyTHON is like Christmas. They get to hang out and play with college students and are the VIPs for the night. Each hour, a child tells his or her miracle story and how CCMC saved his or her life. It really brings home why we are here dancing! Each team participating is assigned a miracle child to make a sign and care package for and hang out with throughout the night.

The UCMB miracle child, Josh, is such a great and inspiring gentleman! He is a student at Rockville High School and is incredibly active in his school’s marching band. Last year, Josh got to play alongside the UCMB pep band at the start of HuskyTHON, which made the night even more special for him, and everyone around him. Josh has overcome some serious health battles, but because of his strength and determination, he stands by our sides dancing the night away with us. In the future, he wishes to attend UConn so that he can play trumpet in our marching band. It would be such an honor to march alongside a student like Josh. Our team is so lucky to be able to support Josh for this event, especially because he is an AWESOME dancer!

There are 31 UCMB members participating in HuskyTHON this year. We are all very excited to be participating! Support our team by clicking here! We thank you for your support!

Kayla Kamerer

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