Register for Homecoming 2014

Jason Reider

Come celebrate Dr. Mills’ 25th and Marvin McNeill’s 20th anniversaries with fellow UConn Alumni Marching Band members and once again take the field at Homecoming! Join the ranks and help the Alumni band perform with the marching band for the UConn vs. UCF Homecoming football game on Saturday, November 1 at Rentschler Field. Kick-off is set for 12:00 p.m.

“Imagine the effect of our current band being OUTNUMBERED by the Alumni! The message that would send to our members, to the university, and the world about the UCMB would have a huge impact. Even if your playing skills are more a memory than reality, its your PRESENCE on the field that registers your support!” –Dr. Mills

The alumni band will rehearse at Rentschler Field, tailgate in the parking lot, reassemble in Fan Fest to perform a few numbers, and then march into the stadium with the UConn Marching Band (UCAMB seating is adjacent to the Marching Band in the stadium). The Alumni Marching Band will also be performing at halftime! The joint performance will include I Go to Rio and Sing Sing Sing. Additional details regarding times, locations for the day, and music will be sent to those who register once they have been finalized. For more information/questions, please e-mail Pam Marino at


The registration fee is used by the UCAMB to provide annual scholarships for members of the UCMB. The more alumni that register for this event, the more scholarships the UCAMB can offer! If you will be participating in the halftime performance, admission is complimentary and seating is provided in Section 115, next to the band. Anyone not marching must purchase tickets, including family members/guests. A block of tickets for the UCAMB has been reserved and can be ordered at with the promo code “UCAMB”. To register for Homecoming, visit the new UCMB Alumni website at

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