A Note From Dr. Mills

Dr. Mills

Dear UCMB Alumni & Friends,

I need your help.

We have scheduled a golf tournament “Drive for the Tower” to benefit the UCMB Tower Project for June 8. We need some help to make this happen!

My plea to you is three-fold:

First, come and participate yourself, it will be great fun for a great cause!

Second, inviting and recruiting individuals to attend and play in the tournament. Below is the advertisement for the tournament. Please email it or post on Facebook with a personal note to any and all of your band buddies.

Third, recruit sponsors for the event. A group of companies that could provide a donation to the cause and some prizes will get some good advertisement and a positive feeling!

It would be great to have a couple people to concentrate on each area, recruiting people and recruiting sponsors in a more specific way.

Participation in the tournament is only $70; that includes the 9 holes of golf, cart, and dinner. It is a very reasonable fee compared to other tournaments. We’ll make $30 of that for the tower. If we get the maximum of 72 players, that’s over $2,000 for the Tower Project.

Of course, there is the tremendous ancillary value of having great fun! We need events like this to bring our alumni together with a purpose to rekindle friendships and build new ones. It’s a win-win proposition!

If you have never played in a golf tournament with a “best ball” or “captain and crew” format you’ll have lots of fun. Four players play together and you take the best shot off the tee and all play from that spot, and then the best shot from there and so on and the team earns a score for the hole and eventually the round. Even if you’re a below average golfer, you’ll find some point where you contribute. It is just a great way to have a wonderful, social time.

This will be a great time for everyone. If you would like to help take some additional responsibility in bringing this off, please give me a call!


David Mills
(860) 486-2165