A Message From Dr. Mills

Dr. Mills

As we enjoy another fall, I am happy to have the opportunity to “visit” you again. We began the season with the largest class of first year members to date and well over 300 members! Our staff, leaders, and members face the challenge, yet again, of producing the “Best UCMB Ever.” This challenge is undoubtedly the motivating factor each year of UCMB’s existence. Such is the quest for excellence; it is what unites all members of the UCMB family through time.

Dr. Mills watches the UCMB rehearse from above the field in the current lift. A new tower would allow for multiple staff, members and student leaders to watch rehearsal from above and critique the drill.

Dr. Mills watches the UCMB rehearse from above the field in the current lift.

As many of you know, I had a very difficult summer and am working at a reduced capacity this season as I continue to heal and recuperate. I say this not as an appeal for sympathy (we all go through difficulties both physical and life’s unavoidable trials), but I want to point out how wonderful the UCMB is as an organization. Even without its director this summer, the UCMB has recruited the largest incoming class and is fully ready to step up to the challenge of making this year the best band yet!

I’m excited to announce a new project where you can make a difference for today’s UCMB and I’m asking for your help. We need to build a Rehearsal Observation Tower at the band field. (You’ll be pleased to know that the field is now flat, smooth and safe – courtesy of the University). The tower is so important for our continued development. A new tower will allow us to perfect drill with 300 members by allowing the director and other band leaders to see everyone and the forms. Currently, the director alone can occupy the lift, the use of which has also become a liability. The death of a Notre Dame athletic staff member from a lift being blown over has called nationwide attention to an unsafe practice. The band tower’s physical, visual presence will also be a reminder that the UCMB is an important part of the University of Connecticut.

ucmb uniform pillowNow for the incredible news: we are already halfway to our goal for the Tower Project, thanks to a large allocation from the Dean of the School of Fine Arts! With your support, we can have this tower for next season. This is a project we can accomplish together. To thank people who help out with this special project, we offer our UCMB Uniform Pillow made from our last uniform set to contributors of $200 or more. (We continue our offer for those who contribute $500 over a five year period). It’s a great piece of UConn history made from the jacket, sash, and cape. And yes, it prominently displays that classic block “C” that we all love.

My greatest hope is that you will continue to feel a part of the UCMB family and you’ll come out and show the members of the UCMB just how proud you are of them. Find and follow the band on the website, Facebook, and Twitter, and help make the UCMB Tower Project a reality this year. Please join me this year in supporting the UCMB – select Marching/Pep Bands in the drop down menu!


David L. Mills
UConn Bands

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