2012 History Initiative Survey

Hello UCMB Alumni,

The UConn Marching Band has and always will be a pivotal part of our time at the University of Connecticut. As former members, U have contributed more than you know to this great organization, and have been an integral part to its long standing history. U are also an important part to the UCMB’s continued history.

The newly formed UCMB History Team, a group devoted to the preservation of our band’s history, is launching its “UCMB for a New Era” History Initiative. This initiative is a hard pushed drive to reconstruct and recollect our band’s long standing history, in an effort to shape the UCMB for tomorrow. We kindly ask that you take a few moments and try to answer the brief questions on the attached survey below. If you cannot fill in the answers, feel free to leave them blank. By answering this survey, you will in turn give us insight into what the band was like when you were a member, and how it has transformed over its many years.

We believe your knowledge and information is the most crucial part of this entire process, and truly value your assistance in this drive. Thank you very much for your long standing and continued support of the UConn Marching Band. We look forward to hearing from you!

Please fill out this survey as completely as possible.


Jacob Skrzypiec
UCMB Historian 2012
Emily Maynard
UCMB Alumni Liaison 2012
Mary Bartolotta & Cori Trudeau 
ΚΚΨ Historian & Alumni Liaison 2012
Jennifer Beaty & Andrew Landry
TBΣ Historian & Alumni Liaison 2012