Student Leadership

Drum Majors

Drum Majors function as the musical, motivational, logistical, and organizational leaders of the band. The Drum Majors conduct the band during performances and rehearsals. They also correct errors, style issues, and review fundamentals with the band prior to each rehearsal. Drum Majors are involved with the implementation of all activities and events related to the UCMB. Detailed information regarding auditions and applications is released towards the end of the regular season.

Band Captains

Band Captains serve many of the same functions as the Drum Majors, except they are on the field during performances. They act as instruction and development coordinators for the Section Leaders throughout the year, and assist with the consistency and cohesion of individual member instruction. Band Captains assist the Drum Majors to build and maintain the spirit of the Pride of Connecticut from the moment of their appointment.

Section Leaders

Section Leaders are in charge of the musical and marching performance of their section. They manage operations and communications on a daily basis. They are also responsible for the recruitment of new members to their section. Section Leaders guide each member of their section through the learning process, and are mentors to their section both on and off the field. These positions are available to all members of the band, and selection requires an interview and audition with the directors.

Band Council

Band Council is the governing student body for the band and assists with everything from planning Preseason to recruiting new members. The band council also raises funds for special projects within the Marching Band. All officer positions are elected at the end of each season. During the fall semester, the Band Council meets every Monday night at 9:00 p.m. in either the Music Building or the Student Union. All UCMB members are encouraged to attend.