Dr. Gary Green

Graduate Assistants

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Frank Papalardo

Drum Majors

Christopher Pattacini

Band Captains

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Feature Twirlers

Missing information

Band Council Officers

john Tartaro — President
Jeanine Edwards — Vice President
N/A — Secretary
Emmanuel Parker — Treasurer
N/A — Communications
Melissa McCray — History
N/A — Alumni
Juliet Reed — Social
N/A — Merchandise

Freshman Representatives

Missing information

Sophomore Representatives

Missing information

Junior Representatives

Missing information

Senior Representatives

Missing information

Committee Chairs


Kappa Kappa Psi

Carla Nadeau — President

Tau Beta Sigma

Kristin Duarte — President

No additional information or media avaialble at this time.

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  • Jack Zamary

    Jack Zamary was graduate assistant to Gary Green in 1987.